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  • Bella's Still At Home Journal

    Bella's Still At Home Journal

    It's the weekend.  The weather is turning colder where we live in Pittsburgh, PA.  The leaves are turning brown.  Life goes on.

    This is the time of the year when the bigger movies are coming out.  Movies like "No Time To Die", the latest James Bond film and the last one that stars Daniel Craig came out recently.  The remake of "Dune" opens this weekend and on HBO Max.  Other big movies will be out by the end of the year. 

    When you look at a movie, particulary one that features action scenes and scenes with guns you think that it's just make believe. 

    This past week the Director of Cinematography of a movie "Rust" Halyna Hutchins  died when a prop gun fired.  It also seriously injured the film's director Joel Souza.  The gun was fired by the film star and producer, Alec Baldwin. 

    What is amazing according to an article in the Los Angeles times, "Hours before actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of “Rust” with a prop gun, a half-dozen camera crew workers walked off the set to protest working conditions. Safety protocols standard in the industry, including gun inspections, were not strictly followed on the “Rust” set near Santa Fe, the sources said. They said at least one of the camera operators complained last weekend to a production manager about gun safety on the set."

    According to another article Mr. Baldwin was assured that the gun did not have any live ammo which turned out not to be true.  He appears to be devasted by the event.  It is truly sad.

    Unfortunately guns accidents have happened on movie sets before.  The one that was most famous happened in 1986.  Actor Brandon Lee, son of actor and martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, died in 1993 when a prop gun had a live round which caused his death.  It was on the set of "The Crow".   Brandon's sister , Shannon Lee, posted on twitter "Our hearts go out to the family of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and all involved in the incident on “Rust”. No one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period."   

    Guns are bad and it is sad that people die from gun shots especially in places that supposed to be safe.   

    Bella and Lukeys Movie Pick of the Weekend-  Freedom Writers-  Hillary Swank stars as "Erin Gruwell", a first year teacher, who changes her students lives when she teaches them how to respect each other and how they are each individuals not the product of their enviroment.  The cast includes Patrick Demsey, Imelda Stanton, and Scott Glenn.


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  • Worth



    Bella Gives this:

    5 Paw

    Once we heard about this movie "Worth" we had to see it.  "Worth" is based on the true events that happened after the September 11th tragedy.  Michael Keaton stars as "Ken Feinberg". An attorney and law professor at Georgetown University. 

    After September 11th Ken Feinberg was appointed Special Master of the U.S. government's September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.  The film deals with how he and his staff worked to help the people whose loved ones died during this tragedy.

    Amy Ryan plays "Camille Biros", Ken Feinberg's right hand who helps manage the team who is working on this project.  Stanley Tucci plays "Charles Wolf" whose wife was loss at the Twin Towers.   The cast also includes Talia Balsam and Tate Donovan.   

    The story shows how the victims share their grief and the how Ken Feinberg's team dealt with dispensing the fund. 

    It sounds boring the film is engrossing and definitely worth a look.  Michael Keaton once again delivers an oscar worthy performance.   

    The film is airing on Netflix.  Check it out!!

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