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  • Bella's Still At Home Journal

    Bella's Still At Home Journal

    It's  Thursday, October 5th. On this day in 1962 the first James Bond movie, "Dr. No" starring Sean Connery and Ursula Andress debuted at the London Pavilion theater in Piccadilly Circus. The movie came to the United States in 1963. Sean Connery went on to do a total of five movies playing 007.

    Let's say Happy Birthday to some famous people. Speaking of England, Academy Award winning actress, Kate Winslet turns 47 today. She was born in Reading, England to a theatrical family. She started working at the age of 11 starring in a TV commercial. She went on to work in television. Her big break came playing "Juliet" in the movie "Heavenly Creatures". She went on to star 'Sense and Sensibility" opposite Emma Thompson, and then playing "Ophelia" in Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet". The role that put her on the map was playing "Rose Dewitt Bukater" in "Titanic" opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. She won the oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role playing "Hanna Schmitz" in "The Reader". Some of her upcoming films include John Cameron's long awaited "Avatar 2".  In addition to being a great actress Ms.Winslet loves helping animals in need. In 2017 she adopted to older dogs from a shelter. We are featuring her with the dogs on this blog.

    Actor and cat lover, Jesse Eisenberg turns 39 today. He was born in New York City, New York. He started working in TV and got his big break playing "Louis Masoudi" in the "The Emperor's Club" opposite Kevin Kline, Edward Herrmann and Emile Hirsch. He starred in Adventureland which was filmed in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. playing Mark Zuckerberg. Other movies include Zombieland 1 and 2. He played "Lex Luthor" in Zack Snyder's Justice League and "Marcel Marceau" in the great but widely unseen movie 'Resistance".

    Happy Birthday to both of you and Thanks for your gifts!!

    Bella, Lukey and Paddy's Pick of the Day- The Holiday. Kate Winslet plays "Iris" and Cameron Diaz plays "Amanda" . After both had their hearts broken they decided to exchange their homes for their Christmas Holiday break. "Iris" ends up at Amanda's Los Angeles mansion. "Amanda" ends up in Iris's quaint English Cottage in Surrey. The cast includes Jude Law, Eli Wallach, Rufus Sewell, and Jack Black 

    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella, Lukey and Paddington

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    4 Paws

    "Thor Love and Thunder" is the fourth movie featuring the god of thunder "Thor".  The movie starts after "Avengers End Game".  "Thor" played by Chris Hemsworth finds himself in the worst shape of his life and making 

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