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  • Sometimes The Circus Coming To Town Is Not Good

    Sometimes The Circus Coming To Town Is Not Good

    The Pittsburgh City Council passed a law last year banning performing animals from the city of Pittsburgh.  They altered the bill making it illegal to basically use implements and not treat the animals well who perform here. 

    Pittsburgh City Council revises controversial circus legislation 

    The Shrine Circus came to town this past weekend and part of the fun was to offer camel rides.  Well when one of the young riders hit the camel with a shovel it went crazy.  Seven people were injured including a child who had it's arm broken.  Other injuries were minor.  The shovel incident was only mentioned in one article so I am not sure if it's true.  Here's the details.

    Startled camel tears through Pittsburgh circus, injuring 6 children

    I think Circuses are scary for the animals.  I mean your transported from city to city.  They are treated much better now but I still think it's hard. 

    I think that rides on wild animals like camels are a bad idea.  Think about it.  The poor camel is transported from city to city.  Then it had to deal with people climbing on it to ride.  Some of them, like little kids could be rough.  It's a miracle that more incidents happen.    I think mules or horses would be a better alternative.

    The "Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey" Circus closed in 2017 due to high operating costs and low profits.   I think this much better for animals.   

    I mean if you want to see an animal go to a zoo but it some cases this is sad too.  Our Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium in Pittsburgh is interesting but in 2017 lost it's Association of Zoos and Aquariums creditation because some of their accusations. 

    Mom and I saw this explanation of the AZA online.   “The Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ accreditation is widely regarded as representing the highest standards in animal welfare and care." 

    When the had some incidents with elephants, especially the death of a baby elephant, The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium dropped their membership. 

    It just proves that if your an animal, it's hard to find someone who cares!!

    Bye Bye Bella!!

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  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    Bella Gives this:

    4 Paws

    "A Simple Favor" was a crazy dark comedy set in suburbia.  Anna Kendrick plays "Stephanie Smothers" a super Mom widow who has a blog featuring cooking and other stuff.  She's the person who volunteers for every committee at her son's school and was over the top. 

    Blake Lively plays "Emily Nelson".  A very successful fashion executive whose son went to her son's school.   "Emily" is a beautiful, self centered  woman with a child and a husband  "Sean" played by Henry Goulding who was at one time a successful author and who was now a college professor. 

    The story was one about people decieving each other and as the web of lies unraveled it was  insanely funny.   

    I did notice that in an upscale community with lots of homes, there were no animals.   

    When "Emily" goes missing all sorts of crazy things start happening.  First of all "Stephanie" starts taking care of  Sean and Emily's son "Nicky" played by Ian Ho as well as her son, "Miles" played by Joshua Satine.   

    The movie has many crazy ups and downs.   The ending was totally off the wall but great fun.   

    What I liked about it was that it showed that Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick has much more range than their previous roles would show.   

    Simple Favor is great fun.



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