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  • Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    Good Morning and Welcome to the weekend.  What a week we had last week.  Donald Trump is the first US President who has been impeached twice. His trial is predicted to start the day of President Elect Joe Biden's Innaugration . 

    There is a prediction there will be some very violent events similar to Donald Trumps overthrowing the Capitol to prevent President-Elect Joe Biden's for Wednesday's Innaugration.  Many of the Capitol cities around the country are bracing for more violence too.   

    Well enough of this.  Let's reflect a person whose husband represents the true blessings of loving everyone in the world, "Mr. Rogers".  His wife of 51 years, Joanne Rodgers passed away last week at the age of 92.   

    She was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1928.  Her main passion and interest was music. While attending Rollins College she met a young man who transferred from Dartmouth College to study Music Composition.  His name was Fred Rogers.  She was actually part of a student group who went to the airport and welcome Fred when he flew in take a look at the campus.  She was actually one of the reasons he decided to transferred.   

    Joanne Rogers said in the interview that humans when she went to school did not go out on dates but hung out in groups of people who did everything together.  She did comment he was an amazing dancer and he won her heart.  They were married on June 2nd, 1952.  They had two sons John and James. 

    Joanne Roger received a Masters of Music at Florida State University and taught music at Chatham College’s Preparatory School and Carlow College. She was always a music lover and a accomplished pianist.  She made number of appearences of Mr. Rogers neighborhood.                                                                                                   

    After his death in 2003 she was involved in establishing the Fred Rogers Center in Latrobe, PA , Fred Roger's hometown, which is the home of his official archives.  The Fred Rogers Center is located at Saint Vincent University in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.   His red sweater was donated to the Smithsonian Institution but the puppets of Mister Rogers Neighborhood are at the center.

    If you want to find out more about it check out the link below:

    Fred Rogers Center 

    Upon her death The Fred Rogers posted on Facebook Fred Rogers Center said in a Facebook post, calling her a “trusted anchor whose heart and wisdom have guided our work in service of Fred’s enduring legacy.”   

    My late Human Grandmother, Janice Friedman, was friends with Mister Rogers.  "Miss Paulificate" was played by one her friends, Audrey Roth.  Mom said that she and her family were always invited to her home on Christmas Eve for this wonderful events.  Mom said she had some great cats too. 

    In early 2000 Mom was attending one her last gatherings. She turned around and there were Fred and Joanne Rogers.  Mom had met Fred Rogers a few times in her life and always found him to be kind and exactly as he was when he was one screen. Mom thinks he died a few months later.   

    Rest In Peace, Mrs. Rogers and Thank You. 

    Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick of The Day- Won't You Be My Neighbor    This 2018 documentary truly chronicles the life of Fred Rogers. "An exploration of the life, lessons, and legacy of iconic children's television host, Fred Rogers.  We think it's much better than Tom Hank's "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood."


    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey


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  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984

    Science Fiction

    Bella Gives this:

    4 Paws

    Wonder Woman 1984 came out on Christmas Day.  It's original release date was November 1st.  It is the sequel to the first Gal Gadot "Wonder Woman" film which was released in 2017.  It made over $800,000,000 world wide. Wonder Woman 1984 has made $118,200,000 worldwide which is not bad during the Pandemic.  Especially when it was available online via HBO Max. 

    The story shows a determined Diana as a child participating in a contest against adults. The we meet the adult "Diana" played by Gal Gadot working at the Smithsonian Museum in 1984.  When an ancient artifact came to the Gemology Department things started to change.  Dr. Barbara Minerva, played by Kristen Wiig was studying the object and noticed her life changed when she wished she was more like Diana.  The object granted her wish.   

    The object came to the attention of "Maxwell Lord", an entrepreneur/con man, played by Pedro Pascal. When "Lord" got hold of the object the world turned upside down. 

    People's lives were changed when their wishes were granted. A side effect is when the spirit of Diana's lost love, Steve Trevor, entered a new body. It was really cool seeing them together but in the end it didn't work out.

    The movie had some ridiculous moments but compared to the current movies available it was very entertaining.  It was sad but nice.  We thought "Maxwell Lord" was too over the top.  The villian "Aries" from the last "Wonder Woman" film was better.  Even with this observation "Wonder Woman 1984" was very      entertaining. 

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