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  • Bella's Still at Home Journal

    Bella's Still at Home Journal

    I am not the thinnest of cats in the world. Alright I am a big girl but as it turns out my home state of Pennsylvania, according to a survey on the One Vet website, Pennsylvania has the plumpest dogs.   Check out the website link:

    The States With The Most Overweight Pets 

    According to the website "Pennsylvania dogs weighed over 54% above the national average."   I am a cat but I bet that applies to us too.  Mom is determined to lose some weight but I think she looks great.   

    Here's another great link:  11 Facts About Pet Obesity

    Thinking of obese pets fat cats have been a fixture in many movies. Let's take a look at some of these characters.   

    Garfield -  He is an animated superstar.  He made his first appearance in January 8, 1976 as a comic strip first named "Jon" after his human companion.  The comic strip changed it's name to Garfield and was nationally syndicated in 1978.   Since then there have been three Garfield movies . Two in the theatres and on straight to video but they grossed 348,052.423 in all.  Not bad for an overweight animated orange tabby.   

    Chloe- Secret Life of Pets 1 and 2.  Illumination Entertainment, the studio created "Despicable Me" and the fun loving "Minions" was the force behind "The Secret Life of Pets" series.  In the midst of some fun characters is an overweight gray cat named "Chloe" voiced by Lake Bell. "Chloe" reminds me of me except I am cooler.  The two film series made over 1,305,000,000 at the box office.  That's a nice number. 

    Fat Louie- The Princess Diaries 1 and 2- "Mia Thermopolous" played by Anne Hathaway had a great tuxedo cat named "Fat Louie". He starred in two of the movies and was very special to Mia but I didn't think he was that fat. He was not as fat as me. LOL.

    Bella, Lukey, and Paddy's  Movie Pick of The Day- Shallow Hall - Jack Black stars as "Hal" a young man working in corporate America who liked to hit the clubs on the weekend and pick up the catch of the day. When he had a close encounter with Tony Robbins his outlook had changed and everyone woman looked like a model. When he meets "Rosemary Shanahan" played by Gwyneth Paltrow his life turns upside down.  The cast includes Jason Alexander and  Bruce McGill ,

     Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella, Lukey, and Paddington

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    4 Paws

    "Thor Love and Thunder" is the fourth movie featuring the god of thunder "Thor".  The movie starts after "Avengers End Game".  "Thor" played by Chris Hemsworth finds himself in the worst shape of his life and making 

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