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  • Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    Welcome to the weekend!! Pets and vacations are good together.   My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark are heading off next week for a 10 day vacation to Florida.  Instead flying they are driving down and they are bringing my cousin "Elke", a brindle boxer terrier.  "Elke" was diagnosed with cancer last summer. She recovered but Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark were told that her life expectancy could be three more years.  Like veternarians have psychic powers.

    The last time when Mom saw "Elke" at Thanksgiving she was fine.  Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark try to spend as much as time as they can with her.  I think it's cool.  Mom said she, Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark are looking to go to Margate, New Jersey in the fall  for a vacation and depending how "Elke" does on the Florida trip she should be going with them.  Since journey to New Jersey is half the distance as driving to Florida I think "Elke" will be fine. I was thinking of going too but dogs are not my thing!!  LOL

    The reason we bring this up is that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in the midst of his home state of Texas experiencing some of the worst weather in it's history jumped ship. Senator Cruz's family booked a vacation to "Cancun" while Texas was dealing with dropping temperatures, water shortages, and no power.   

    Mom said he reminded her of "J.Bruce Asmay" who Chairman of "The White Star Line", the company who built the doomed luxury liner, "Titanic".  Instead of staying on the "Titanic" like so many men the likes of John Jacob Astor and Isidor Strauss he abandoned ship.  Years later he regretted his decision but he lived in shame for the rest of his life.

    Senator Cruz decided to jump ship to head to Cancun, Mexico . A land filled with sunny skies, margaritas and beautiful beaches instead of snow, freezing tempatures and no power.  In addition to abandoning his voters, he abandoned his family dog "Snowflake". 

    Michael Hardy, a Texas journalist visited the Cruz residence and found "Snowflake" looking out one of the doors.  Cruz said he left a security behind to look after the dog but guess what.  The security stayed in the comfort of his car with heat and left poor "Snowflake" to survive in a home without heat or water. 

    The reaction to this abandonment has been well founded in the media.  Former Secretary of State and Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton tweeted Friday "Don't vote for anyone you wouldn't trust with your dog".   

    Even though Senator Cruz was recently re-elected I hope the Voters of Texas remember what he did.  Abandoning them in their time of need 

    Though Senator Cruz said he was flying right  back after traveling with his daughters and wife to Cancun.  Critics noticed that a brought a suitcase.  If he was just traveling back and forth he would not have needed luggage.  He admitted later that he was planning to stay at the 5 Star resort.   

    His wife "Heidi" was upset that some of her tweets about their trip were released.  Really?  Your husband is an elected official and which makes his private life public at times.  She tweeted and invited neighbors and friends to join them at the expensive resort.  Really nice as poor "Snowflake" freezes.

    Even thought the power was out the Cruz's could have left "Snowflake" with a family friend or a pet sitter who could have cared for "Snowflake" while they were away. 

    Mom always get a pet sitter for us is she is going away for more than two nights. When she goes away for a small trip we can survive.  She leaves the heat on and there food and water everywhere.

    The Cruz's love Snowflake from what we have read.  They are just stupid and selfish people.  I hope the voters in Texas remember Senator Cruz's stupidity when he is up for re-election.


    Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick of The Weekend- Everest-  This 2015 film stars Jason Clarke playing adventurer, "Rob Hall".  who on May 10, 1996, together with Scott Fischer, teamed up on a joint expedition to ascend Mount Everest.  It's based on a true story.  The cast includes Josh Brolin, Michael Kelly, Kiera Knightley, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Kirby, Emily Watson and Robin Wright.    

    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey

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  • Supernova



    Bella Gives this:

    5 Paw

    After watching "Nomadland" with Mom and being totally bored I wasn't sure about "Supernova". Both movies feature lead characters who travel in a van. 

    Instead a sad chronicle of a the lead characters life "Supernova" featured the story of "Tusker", an author played by Stanley Tucci.  His partner in the movie was "Sam", a pianist played by Colin Firth.

    The story shows how the couple took a fairwell journey of memories as "Tusker" deals with the disease, Dementia.  Their journey revealed alot of beautiful English countryside. 

    The film shows a lovely, love story.  The one thing we loved was the connection of "Tusker" and "Sam".  The film centered around their relationship.  We also loved the fact they traveled with their dog too. 

    The story was sad but wonderful.  From the time at Sam's family home to the arguments they shared on the road it was the story of two people in love dealing with a horrible disease.

    If you want enjoy a movie show does a great job depicting real life issues watch "Supernova". The film is in a limited theater run and is also streaming online.  It is a wonderful movie. Check it out.

    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey


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