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  • President George H.W. Bush Gets A New Family Member

    President George H.W. Bush Gets A New Family Member

    Former President  George H.W. Bush has had a tough year.  His wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush died in April.  At the age of 94 years he is hanging in there.  He lives in a wheelchair most of the time.   He's has had some health problems sending him in and out of the hospitals.   

    To help him emotionally or other ways he recently adopted "Sully" who is a service dog.  He is a yellow, labrador retriever who has been trained to open up doors, retrieve things, and summon help but the main reason he has entered the former President's life is for emotional support. 

    "Sully" was named after "Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger II".   He of course is the amazing pilot who saved the passengers of Flight 1549 on the Hudson river in January ,2009.  "Sully was trained by "American Vets Dogs."

    They are a amazing organization out of Smithtown, New York.  They train service dogs for Veterans of War and First Responders.  It is said that Sully has really been an amazing help with President Bush. 

    Unfortunately they do not have seeing eye cats.  We can not open up doors. But we can add emotional support.  People are are calmed when we they pet us. It's pretty cool.  

    The rules and restrictions for service animals are changing.  It used to be for $60.00 or more you could get a certificate and be able to bring their animals everywhere.  That would be something I wouldn't want to do.  Cats tend to be home bodies. 

    I think it's better not over do it.


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  • Ant Man and The Wasp

    Ant Man and The Wasp

    Science Fiction

    Bella Gives this:

    4 Paws

    "The Ant Man and The Wasp" was not your typical Marvel movie.   I mean "Ant Man" aka Scott  Lang played by Paul Rudd was kind of a loser who ended up stealing a suit from "Dr. Hank Pym" played by Michael Douglas.  His daughter "Hope" played by Evangeline Lilly plays "The Wasp".  She was much better trained than "Ant Man". 

    In  "Antman and  The Wasp" they teamed up to find Hope's Mom and Hank's wife, "Janet" played by Michelle Pfeiffer.  To save the world she went so small she went into another dimension and became lost in another realm.

    In the movie "Ant Man" teamed up with Hank and Hope after a two year gap when a message came through.  Their goal was to go to the other dimension in hopes that "Janet" could still be alive.

    Thwarting their attempts were sleasy villian,  "Sonny Burch" played by Walton Goggins, who most recently played the sleasy villian in this years version of "Tomb Raider". Also "Ava-Ghost" played by "Hannah -John Kamen" who was partly in the only dimension.  She lived in the dimension that they wanted to discover.

    The movie really showed how "Antman and The Wasp" were truly a team.   They had to fight a number of bad guys. 

    This movie had some really cool special effects because things and people kept getting bigger then smaller.  It was really fun to watch.  I also liked how the ants could fly and help in certain situations.    Everybody did a great job with this one.    The one thing that was missing was a cameo from "Marvel" creator, Stan "The Man" Lee.  

    If you want to see a movie with super heroes that is different.  Check out "Antman and The Wasp". 

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