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  • Bella's Still At Home Journal

    Bella's Still At Home Journal

    You don't normally hear bad stories about places like "Petsmart". Mom actually adopted me from a "Petco" store. These stores do feature shelter cats for adoption,which is a good thing. By opening their stores to shelter animals it frees up space at the main shelters for more animals to be rescued. 

    But unfortunately one "Petsmart" in our town of Pittsburgh caused a dogs death. On a visit to Pittsburgh in November 2020 A.J. Ross brought her toy poodle "Kobe" into the store in East Liberty for a nail trimming.   We are featuring a picture of "Kobe" on this blog.

    Ms. Ross said in one interview that one of "Kobe's" nails seemed to be hurting him so she brought him in for a trim. I know that my Mom would have taken me to the vets if one of my nails bothered me.

    "Kobe" seemed nervous when he went into the grooming area. They actually hyperextended Kobes neck in two places and began trimming his nails.  Why would they do that to his head when it was the lower part of his body that was being treated.  Very stupid. 

    The whole process was video taped. "Kobe" was shown struggling and shaking. After 15 minutes "Kobe" was limp on the table. Ms. Ross was concerned when the Manager was brought in at this point. The employees said "Kobe" had fainted. He was rushed to a Banfield Hospital around the corner but after a number of attempts of CPR "Kobe" was pronounced dead.

    Now Ms. Ross suing the store for the loss of "Kobe". I know Mom would have wigged out on these idiots if this happened to me. There is a hearing set for October 4th. Petsmart said the associates involved with the incident were fired. Great . Thats like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as Mom says too little, too late.

    We did some further investigation we discovered that according to a nine month investigation there have been 47 deaths between 2008 and now. It was also reported that many groomers were not trained properly.

    Mom and I were amazed that these stores are were still grooming animals.  If one animal is killed while being groomed, it would be one death too many. Here is an update on the story.

    4 former Pittsburgh PetSmart employees face charges in death of toy poodle

    I was adopted from a Petco. They have had less grooming deaths than Petsmart I still think it's sad that humans are still bringing their animals there.  

    Mom said that grooming area always looked so together when she looked in when she saw them grooming animals. She even has bought us food at the East Liberty Petsmart before. Mom says no more, She orders our pet food on Amazon now. Mom said it's easier. I am glad. I don't want her to go to those stores anymore. 

    Bella and Lukeys Movie Pick of The Day-  The Legend of Tarzan-  Alexander Skarsgård stars as "John Clayton" and "Tarzan", the son nobel parents who traveled to Africa and were killed.  As a baby "John" was raised by apes and native Africans.  Eventually he was found and inherited his own title.  On a mission he, and his bride "Jane"played by Margot Robbie went back to Africa.  Along the way the encountered "Leon Rom" played by Christoph Waltz.   The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson.

    Check out my review: The Legend of Tarzan

    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey

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  • Dune


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    4 Paws

    Dune is a based on the famed science fiction novel by Frank Herbert.  It is the story of the Atreides family featuring "Duke Leto Atreides" played by Oscar Isaacs, "Lady Jessica Atreides" played by Rebecca Ferguson and "Paul Atreides" played byTimothée Chalamet.  Their home was Planet Caladan.   

    The Emperor granted the Atreides family to rule the planet Arrakis taking the leadership role from the evil Harkonnen clan ruled by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen played by Stellan Skarsgård. Dave Bautista played "The Beast Rabban Harkonnen".    On the side of the Atreides family Jason Momoa plays "Duncan Idaho",  and Josh Brolin plays "Gurney Hallick". 

    The main export of Arrakis is spice.  The Harkonnen family used the native Fremen as slaves.  The story is about how Paul Atreides becomes the Kwisatz Haderach and the savior of the fremen people.

    The movie follows the Frank Herbert novel.  It seemed slow to me. The Atreides family were betrayed and the story shows how Paul goes toward his destiny. Unlike the previous Dune film which came out in 1984 this film will be broken up into two parts. Dune part two will be released in 2023.  

    If you enjoy science fiction Dune is not a bad entry.

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