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  • Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    Bella's Stay At Home Journal

    It's Friday.  It's the eve before Halloween so let's celebrate some fun holidays to end the month of October. 

    Today is the day before Halloween.  The day is often referred to as "Devils Night".  Mom said when she was growing up people would put soap on cars , throw rolls of toilet paper on trees and my favorite leaving bags of flaming dog poop on people's front stoops but let's not talk about that.   

    Today October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. We read that it is considered a vegetable.  Mom says it really all candy and not one of her favorites but we are still honoring it today.  Mom loves chocolate.Candy corn returns every year and it’s not going anywhere. So, grab a handful and join us for National Candy Corn Day.

    Today is also National Breadstick day.  This holiday honors the wonderful baked treat, the breadstick. Breadsticks are slender sticks of baked crispy dry goodness invented in Italy. Aside from their crunch, the best thing about breadsticks is they can be eaten as an appetizer or you can dress them up with all manner of culinary embellishments.  Mom likes the soft not crunchy version of the bread stick.  Bon Appetit!!

    Tomorrow is Halloween.  Halloween on October 31 is undoubtedly the creepiest, most ghostly holiday of them all. Spooky decorations fill windows and porches and screams can be heard in living rooms up and down the country as we collectively binge our favorite horror movies.  Trick and treating is going to be different today post covid but it most parts of the world it is still going on.  Many shelters do not put black cats for adoption during this month because there some sick humans do mean things to black cats during this month.  

    Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick Of The Day- Pet Sematary-  This movie was remade in 2019 and is the story of "Dr. Louis Creed" who moved his family to Maine after living in Chicago.  They bought a house with alot of land and featured on the property was a pet sematary. This movie version ends differently than the book. Steven King commented after seeing it that he liked it. Versatile actor, Jason Clarke stars as "Louis Creed".  John Lithgow plays his neighbor "Jud".  Fred Gwynne, who is better known as "Herman Munster" from the TV show "The Munsters" did a great job in the first "Pet Sematary".  John Lithgow held his own and also delivered a great performance.   It's scary and a great movie for Halloween.

    Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey


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  • Honest Thief

    Honest Thief


    Bella Gives this:

    5 Paw

    Let's face it .  The post Covid world of movies is boring.  With movies like "War with Grandpa" out there ,which is so beneath it's cast that includes Robert DeNiro, Uma Thurman, and Jane Seymour. So when Mom and I watched "The Honest Thief" which is in theaters now we were thinking of more of the same.  We were wrong.   

    "The Honest Thief" features Liam Neeson playing "Tom".  He plays a thief who commited major robberies and decides to turn himself in when he falls in love with "Annie" played by Kate Walsh.  While coming clean to the authorities some unexpected turns happened making it a great action movie.   The cast features Robert Patrick, and Jai Courtney.     

    One of the best parts of the movie was that one of the characters featured as "Tazzie" who was the dog of "Agent Meyers" played by Jeffrey Donovan actually got a screen credit.     

    This a good action movie.  In the sea of boring film offerings it's worth a look. 

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