Katniss and Bella


I was watching all of the Hungers Gams movies this weekend.  They are all on cable now.  I had seen them before and I must say that I have alot in common with Katniss Everdeen.

1.  We Are Both Courageus -  Katniss had to battle bigger tributes to win her Hunger Games.   Being a one eyed cat I have to battle to get my voice out everyday.

2.  We are Both Cute-  Alright Katniss is really pretty.  That's because Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays Katniss is pretty.  I am cute.  I have a unusal coat , not your typical tuxedo so it's almost designer.

3.  We both care about our familiies and like to protect them.   She is always protecting everyone she loves.  I do too.

The one thing I love about the Hunger Games series that it's all about fighting evil and making a difference.  I can relate to do that too.

I am looking to the final installment of Mockingjay.



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