Bella's Stay At Home Journal

Day 194 and 195

Bella's Stay At Home Journal

Well the weekend is here. It is fall which means sports and traditions. One of the things that happens in the fall are that some of the best movies of the year get released. 

The movies that were around this time last year included "The Joker", "Knives Out", "Zombieland -Double Tap", "Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" and "Ford vs. Ferrari".

Currently the movies included "War With Grandpa" which has a great cast including Robert DeNiro and Uma Thurman. But it is a B movie. Some of the other films in theatres  include "Annabelle Comes Out" which came out earlier this year and older movies like "Hocus Pocus" and A Nightmare Before Christmas".

When the movie theatres opened back up at the end of the August instead inviting movie goers back with a sizzling title like the sequel to "Top Gun" " Top Gun Maverick which reunites Tom Cruise, and Kilmer taking their roles of "Maverick" and "Iceman" which has been pushed in to July 2nd 2021. We got old movies.

There simply not enough new product out to entice movie goers to go to the movies theatres. Lets face it,  Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" just didn't cut it.  

Earlier this week AMC announced it may run out of money by early 2021. With the size of some of their movie theaters their heating costs are out of control. Cinemark Theaters are hurting too but doing much better. 

Unlike the movie theaters Netflix is reporting nice profts from the first quarter.  This was due so many people self isolating at home. They also reported many people are continuing their subscriptions now that many restrictions have been lifted.

If there is no product people won't go to the movies. Also the one thing that annoys Mom and I so much is that many movie goers leave their cell phones on. The theatres do not have enough staff to stop them. Mom and I love movies but we prefer to watch the at home.

Mom a few years ago purchased a box that actually allows us to stream movies from home including movies in the movie theaters. With the way people act in the movie theaters until Covid 19 is under control we are staying at home.

Anyway have fun this weekend whatever you do!!

Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick of The Weekend - The Muse- This movie is about a struggling screenwriter who lost his edge.  In the process of recovery of his career he gets introduced to "Sarah Little" better known as "The Muse".  The cast of the movie includes Andie MacDowell, Sharon Stone, Bradley Whitford and Jeff Bridges.  There are some fun cameos from some of the biggest directors in Hollywood so check it out.


Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey

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