The Kings Speech

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"The Kings Speech" is a wonderful movie that came out in 2012 is the story of King George VI who was crowned king when his brother, King Edward VIII was kicked off the throne because of his relationship with a twice divorced woman. 

The only problem with George VI is that he had a terrible stammer.  Colin Firth won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of George VI.  Geoffrey Rush does an incredible job playing "Lionel Logue", an Austrailian speech therapist who helped the King with his stammer. 

The movie centers around King George VI better known as "Bertie" and his relationship to "Lionel".  Geoffrey Rush was truly refreshing in the part.  Mom and I wish he would turn up in more movies. 

What we liked was how warm Bertie's home life was.  Helena Bonham Carter was amazing playing "Queen Elizabeth".  Her love for "Bertie" was solid.  "Bertie" also was very affectionate with his daughters Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth who is currently the ruling monarch of England.     

We enjoyed Timothy Spall's portrayal of "Winston Churchill" was enjoyable.  Derek Jacobi delivers a strong performance as the Archbishop Cosmo Lang and Jennifer Ehle plays Lionel's wife "Myrtle".   

The story is was well written and worth of the four Oscars which in addition to Mr. Firth's Best Actor win included The Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay.   

Just like Chariots of Fire The Kings Speech is as powerful as it was when it was released ten years ago.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 118 Minutes
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The Kings Speech

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