Let Him Go

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Let Him Go is movie that is in the theatres right now.  It takes place in the 1950's.  Kevin Costner plays retired Sheriff "George Blackledge" and Diane Lane plays his wife "Margaret Blackledge".   His son "James Blackledge" played by Ryan Bruce and his wife "Lorna" played by Kayli Carter and their grandson "Jimmy".   

When Lorna married "Donnie Weboy" played by Will Brittain.  She and Jimmy moved away.  The movie shows how George and Margaret went after their grandson suspecting Lorna might not have made the choice with her marriage. 

When the Blackledge's followed "Lorna" to her husband's "Donnie" played by Will Brittain home.  They stumbled onto his family home headed by Matriarch, "Blanche Weboy" played by British actress Lesley Manville.  She and her sons lived on her family property.  When George and Margaret followed Donnie's brother, Bill, played by Jeffrey Donovan to the house they were horrified by how Jimmy lived. 

The rest of movie became more and more violent.  The ending was sad and tragic . It was said the movie was like a Western.  Like many Westerns it was a bit sad. 

Let It Go is a very tragic movie.


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Let Him Go

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