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Because there are no decent movies in the movie theaters and it does not look like there are going to be any anticpated movies in the near future Mom and I are doing "Retro Revues" I with Mom's help I am reviewing some of the best classic films that have been released in the past.   Today we take on "Moonstruck" which was released in 1987.   

Mom feels that "Moonstruck" got short changed from the Oscars losing to "The Last Emperor" for the best picture Oscar.  "Moonstruck" earned Cher the Academy Award for Best Actress and Olympia Dukakis the oscar for Best Supporting Actress. It also won the Oscar for best original screenplay. 

"Moonstruck" is the story of" Loretta Castorini" ,played by Cher,  a 37 year old widow who lives at home with her family including her Mother "Rose"  played by Olympic Dukakis,  Her father "Cosmo" played by Vincent Gardenia.  Mom and I loved her Grandfather, played by  Feodor Chaliapin Jr, who walked around New York with his five dogs around New York City. 

When Rose's boyfriend, "Johnny Cammareri" played by Danny Aiello proposes marriage her life turns upside down.  When she meets Johnny's brother, "Ronny" played by Nicholas Cage her life changes. 

The movie shows how important family is.  All of the characters were fun.  The ending was really surprizing.  There were so many great performances. 

If you want to revisit a great movie, rediscover "Moonstruck". 

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 102 Minutes
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