Bella's Stay At Home Journal

Day 239

Bella's Stay At Home Journal

The coronavirus has most humans, including my Mom,  more into cleaning. It is important to keep everything clean but please take care extra care for your fur babies.

When parents welcome a new infant into their home the home is what they call "child proofed" so the youngster does not get into anything bad. The same thing should be advised for us when it comes to cleaning products.

According to the article dogs and cats can lick cleaners and sanitizers out of bottles and containers or lick their paws after walking on surfaces where alcohol- or bleach-based products have pooled or puddled, risking internal damage. Those substances can also cause irritation and swelling to paws. Owners also need to securely dispose of cleanser-soaked paper towels that have been used to clean surfaces. Many dogs like to steal paper from the trash and shred and eat it.

Now really cats eating hand sanitizers out of bottles. I can't see me or any of my fellow cats around the world doing that. Dogs yes not us.

It is advised that when you do some major cleaning projects in your home with toxic cleaners that pets should be removed from the area of cleaning. The Pet Poison Hotline has experienced a 100% increase of calls because of this. Here is a link to the article.

Coronavirus cleaning can pose danger to pets

The most important thing if your animals starts to vomiting, seizures and respiratory ailments to take them to your veternarian or an emergency vet clinic. I would avoid any of the "Avets" emergency veterinary clinics. Mom took me there a month ago when I had breathing issues and they suck.

Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick of The Day- The Theory of Everything- Mom and were looking about movies about illnesses and this title came up. The Theory of Everything is the story of genius, "Steven Hawking". Eddie Remayne won the Oscar for Best Actor for his work on this movie. The cast includes Felicity Jones. David Thewlis, and Emily Watson. It's a very powerful performance.

Be Safe- Bye Bye Lukey and Bella

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