Bella's Stay At Home Journal

Day 310

Bella's Stay At Home Journal

Good morning and Happy Tuesday. Start of a new week, With the week let's look at some fun holidays to cheer

Today  is World Spay Day on February 23! It might sound harsh, but the truth is, failing to spay and neuter dogs and cats is responsible for millions of unwanted animals living on the streets without homes or food or being killed in shelters all over the world. I was spayed when I was barely two months old. Mom was shocked when she adopted me to find out I was already spayed. This holiday is about awareness of spaying and neutering animals.

Thursday, February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day. Originally tortilla chips were initially an afterthought, a simple snack made with leftover tortillas. But these crispy triangles of deliciousness soon became a nationwide sensation, and each February 24, we celebrate these salty snacks with National Tortilla Chip Day. Whether you eat yours plain or dip them in a spicy salsa, tortilla chips bring the fiesta to any occasion. Mom loves them with mild salsa. 

One of foods that tortilla chips go well with is Chili. And as it would work out  Friday, February 25th we celebrate National Chili Day, According to one website on "National Chili Day pay homage to the legendary dish that brings people together, and can tear them apart. Chili is the ultimate people-pleaser, but it’s also the ultimate cook-off dish. Family recipes are guarded like crown jewels, and secret ingredients are never spoken of above a whisper. And the debates about what makes true chili — beans or no beans? —are fierce!"  Mom says some versions of chili are spicy.  Mom likes her's mild. 

Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick of The Day- Tortilla Soup- Hector Elizonda stars as "Martin Naranjo" a widower with three older daughter who is alo a Master Chef. The story shows how he finds love again. The cast includes Raquel Welch, Contance Marie, and Paul Rodriquez.

Be Safe. Bye Bye Bella and Lukey.

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