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After watching "Nomadland" with Mom and being totally bored I wasn't sure about "Supernova". Both movies feature lead characters who travel in a van. 

Instead a sad chronicle of a the lead characters life "Supernova" featured the story of "Tusker", an author played by Stanley Tucci.  His partner in the movie was "Sam", a pianist played by Colin Firth.

The story shows how the couple took a fairwell journey of memories as "Tusker" deals with the disease, Dementia.  Their journey revealed alot of beautiful English countryside. 

The film shows a lovely, love story.  The one thing we loved was the connection of "Tusker" and "Sam".  The film centered around their relationship.  We also loved the fact they traveled with their dog too. 

The story was sad but wonderful.  From the time at Sam's family home to the arguments they shared on the road it was the story of two people in love dealing with a horrible disease.

If you want enjoy a movie show does a great job depicting real life issues watch "Supernova". The film is in a limited theater run and is also streaming online.  It is a wonderful movie. Check it out.

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