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Opoids are a very scary drug.  Mom and I researched that they were created in a lab to resemble the drug "Opium" which has been around pre 500-AD according to Wikipedia. 

"Crisis" is a movie that focuses on three people who are brought together by a drug in the movie that was supposed to similar to Opoids.   

Armie Hammer plays undercover FBI agent who's running a sting operation designed to catch some of the biggest players in a big drug trafficking operation.  He is determined to do everything he can to get these evil people arrested.   

Gary Oldman plays Dr. Tyrone Brower, a University professor, who was asked to do a drug trial test on a drug, "Clarion".  While the testing the drug his team finds some major problems with the drug.  When Dr. Brower came forward with the truth he was met with death ears. 

Evangeline Lily plays architect "Claire Reimann" who had some issues with addiction.  When a personal tragedy happened in her life she turned her life around for revenge.   

The film skillfully shows their stories.  Nicholas Jarecki , who wrote and directed the movie, did a great job blending all of the stories with an exciting ending.   

If it's been along time since you saw a good thriller check out "Crisis". 


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 118 Minutes
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