Godzilla vs. King Kong

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When Mom and I were looking at movies opening "Godzilla vs. King Kong" sounded average. But it being a Legendary Pictures/Warner Brothers collaboration we had a feeling it was good.  It was.   

The movie takes us to where "Kong:Skull Island" left us.  "Kong" is hanging out on Skull Island.  Also leading a team of research scientists is "Ilene Andrews" played by Rebecca Hall.  Also with her is adopted daughter "Jia" played by Kaylee Hottie . "Jia' has a special relationship with "Kong" 

As "Kong" was hanging out on his island, "Godzilla" attacks Pensacola, Florida.  He actually attacks the headquarters of "Apex Cybernetics". It's head "Walter Simmons" played by Demián Bichir decides that something needs to be done and approaches "Professor Nathan Lind" played by Alexander Skarsgård to find the source of these titans power.   This is where the journey begins. 

The movie also features "Godzilla" and resumes the story of "Godzilla: King of The Monsters". Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobbie Brown resume their roles of Dr. Mark Russell and Madison Russell.  They are involved trying to find out why "Godzilla" changed from being a protector to destroyer when he attacked "Apex".  

"Kong" is used to find the source of power.  It is a hard journey for him but he goes.  The fact that he and Godzilla are natural enemies didn't help in process. Walter Simmons daughter "Maia" played by Eiza González joins the quest.  She was totally annoying. A corporate barbie doll.   

The movie builds to the finale with "Godzilla" and "Kong" involved in a fight.  All in all this movie was great fun.  Post Covid we need more movies like this!!



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Godzilla vs. King Kong

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