Those Who Wish Me Dead

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The last time we saw Angelina Jolie in a major role was "Malificent- Mistress of Evil" which came out in 2019.  In that movie she played a supernatural character, wearing makeup that made her look weird. 

"Those Whose Wish Me Dead" features Ms. Jolie in a different role.  She played "Hannah", a former forest fire fighter who was working now living in a watch tower in Montana looking for fires. She had a bad personal experience that put her on the sidelines.  In this role "Jolie" looked really pretty.

When there was an incident a forenzic accountant named "Owen" played by Jake Weber exited his home with his son "Connor" played by Finn Little.  Another incident put "Connor" on the run and at Hannah's front door.   

The film show how Hannah and Connor are running from "Jack" played by Aiden Gillen and "Patrick" played by Nicholas Hoult who played great villians.  Nicholas Hoult got his big break  in "About A Boy" at a similar age that "Finn Little" did playing the role of "Connor"in this movie. This movie featured Hoult as a major villian which is cool.  

"Connor" was Montana because his Uncle "Ethan" played by Jon Bernthal was the Sheriff in the town.  He lived there with is wife "Allison" played by Medina Senghore who was expecting.    The film had many twists and turns especially since in the midst of the drama keeping "Connor" safe from the villians a major forest fire was raging. 

One thing we noticed was that there were no pets anywhere in the movie.  I mean the majority of it was focused in Montana.  Don't they have dogs? 

Despite the lack of pets "Those Who Wish Me Dead" is a great thriller.  The film is playing in the theaters and on HBO Max.  Check it out!!



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Those Who Wish Me Dead

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