Bella's Still At Home Journal

Day 433

Bella's Still At Home Journal

Being a black and white cat is not easy at times.  Especially when you have one eye and breathing problems.  Am I complaining, not really but here we are. Black cats are one of the most interesting breeds out there.

Many shelters during the month of October do not adopt black cats out because people do mean things to them.  There are many strange humans out there. 

There are many studies that show black cats do not cat adopted out compared to other breeds of cats.   We recently discovered a fun articles featuring some facts about black cats.

One fact that came out is that black cats can improve your love life.  In Japan it is believed that if a single woman owns a black cat it will attract admirers.  In the Midlands of England a wedding gift of a black cat brings good luck and happiness to the bride.   

It some cultures it is believed that black cats can bring luck.  British sailors have thought that having a black cat aboard a ship can help reduce the mice population and bring luck so the ship could return home. 

Another fact is that black cats can resist disease.  The genetic mutations which cause black cats to have their black coat can help prevent disease.  I am more of black cat than a white cat so I wish this was the case for me.   

Finally if a black cat possesses a tabby stripe gene their coat can change from black to a rusty brown color.   

For more details about these facts check out the link below:

5 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

Bella and Lukey's Movie Pick Of The Day- Captain Marvel-  This movie features the newest character in the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel.  Mom and I liked this character but it did take some time to get into the story but it was a good one.  Academy Award Winning Brie Larson stars as Captain Marvel.  The movie features the first cat in the Marvel Universe, "Goose", who was pretty awesome.  The cast includes Jude Law, Annette Bening, Djimon Hounsou, and Ben Mendolsohn. 

 Be Safe- Bye Bye Bella and Lukey

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