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"Jungle Cruise" is a movie that had been on a shelf because of Covid 19 since October 11th, 2019.   It's based on a ride which debuted in 1955 in Disneyland in Anaheim, California. 

It's the story of an adventurous lady, "Lily Houghton" played by Emily Blunt.  Along with her brother "MacGregor" played by Jack Whitehall they go on a quest in search of a rare tree that could cure the world. Taking them on their adventure is "Captain Frank Wolff" played by Dwayne Johnson.   

This unlikely trio went into the Jungle to fight dead people and other vkeillians on their quest. One of these figures was Aguirre played Edgar Ramirez.  He was a dead conquistador who sought the tree of power and trapped as an immortal.  Jesse Plemons plays "Prince Joachim" who was not a nice guy and Paul Giamatti plays "Nilo".   Dwayne Johnson's "Frank Wolff" was a strong

The movie was set 1916 so to see strong person like "Lily" in the lead. The story has many ups and downs.  It was funny to see "Lily" taking the man's role and her brother "MacGregor" was more like the woman.  It was different.   

All in all Jungle Cruise was very entertaining.  If you want a fun adventure check out "Jungle Cruise".


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Jungle Cruise

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