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The Suicide Squad was a movie that Mom and I weren't excited to see.  The first "Suicide Squad" was fair and "Birds of Prey" was pointless.   That is why "The Suicide Squad" was surprisingly entertaining.   

Viola Davis reprises her role of "Amanda Waller", the government bureaucrat who put a new Suicide Squad in place.  The only member of the original "Suicide Squad" is Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie.  The recruits include Idris Alba as "Bloodsport", John Cena as "Peacemaker", Joel Kinnaman as "Colonel Rick Flag", and Jai Courtney as "Captain Boomerang".  My favorite was "King Shark" voiced by Sylvestor Stallone. 

The squad's mission was to enter the country of Corto Maltese and destroy the "J√∂tunheim" a bizarre building that house a sinister project called "Project Starfish".  There was a coup in the country and new leaders made it more treacherous.

The story features the team going through some crazy situations. The story was campy at times but it was also fun.  The director James Gunn is more known for the "Guardians of The Galaxy" film series.  In fact, Michael Rooker who plays "Savant" played "Yondo" in both the first two "Guardians of the Galaxy" films.   

The ending was over the top but then again so is "The Suicide Squad".   Check it out.  The movie is rated R and is available in movie theaters or on HBO Max.



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The Suicide Squad

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