Sweet Girl

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Usually when action movies are made for the smaller screen via distribution outlets like "Netflix" you really don't expect that much.  "Sweet Girl" was a wonderful surprize. 

The two main reasons we watched were that the film was shot in Pittsburgh. our hometown.  Secondly the film stars Jason Momoa.   

"Sweet Girl" is the story of a man struggling to keep his family together through a great tragedy.  Jason Momoa plays "Ray Cooper" .  Isabela Merced plays his daughter "Rachel" and Adria Arjona plays his wife "Amanda". 

When "Amanda" becomes ill because of cancer their lives turned upside down.  A big pharmaceutical company "BioPrime" was releasing a drug they thought and with it  "Amanda" would recover. When the release of the drug was delayed because the CEO of BioPrime, "Simon Keeley" pays the manufacturer to delay it's release their lives changed.   

The film shows how Ray avenges the death of his wife.   There is alot of action scenes.  Also there is alot of gun violence but it is a solid action movie. 

There is a very surprizing twist to the movie that is not expected but we do not include spoilers in my review. 

Jason Momoa is excellent playing a strong family man.  This performance is alot stronger than other roles including "Arthur Curry" in "Aquaman".  This role truly shows his acting skills.  Isabela Merced delivers a very strong performance playing "Rachel".   

I wish this movie was released last year.  Both of these performances are Oscar Worthy.

All in all if you enjoy action films "Sweet Girl" is a nice surprise.



  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 110 Minutes
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Sweet Girl

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