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Dune is a based on the famed science fiction novel by Frank Herbert.  It is the story of the Atreides family featuring "Duke Leto Atreides" played by Oscar Isaacs, "Lady Jessica Atreides" played by Rebecca Ferguson and "Paul Atreides" played byTimothée Chalamet.  Their home was Planet Caladan.   

The Emperor granted the Atreides family to rule the planet Arrakis taking the leadership role from the evil Harkonnen clan ruled by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen played by Stellan Skarsgård. Dave Bautista played "The Beast Rabban Harkonnen".    On the side of the Atreides family Jason Momoa plays "Duncan Idaho",  and Josh Brolin plays "Gurney Hallick". 

The main export of Arrakis is spice.  The Harkonnen family used the native Fremen as slaves.  The story is about how Paul Atreides becomes the Kwisatz Haderach and the savior of the fremen people.

The movie follows the Frank Herbert novel.  It seemed slow to me. The Atreides family were betrayed and the story shows how Paul goes toward his destiny. Unlike the previous Dune film which came out in 1984 this film will be broken up into two parts. Dune part two will be released in 2023.  

If you enjoy science fiction Dune is not a bad entry.

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