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, United States, 27 May 2016

The X-Men series is one the longest ones out there in the world of Super Heroes.  There are a total of seven movies including Hugh Jackman's solo "Wolverine" movie.   "Deadpool" is supposed to be in that total too but we didnt include it because we didnt like it and none of the regular X Men characters were in it.

"X Men- Apocalypse" is one of the best in the series. It features a look at the first Mutant, "En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse", played by Oscar Isaac.   He's been a pretty busy fellow appearing in this movie and "Star Wars 7= The Force Awakens"  Other characters including "Storm", "Jean Gray", "Cyclops", and "Nightcrawler" are introduced into the new movie series so there is lots of new about this installment.

 The story takes us ten years in the future.   Nothing much has changed.   Dr. Charles Xavier, played by James McVoy is running Xavier's School For Gifted Children with the help of Hank "Nicholas Hoult" and others.  Hank is also known as "The Beast". He's one of my favorite characters because he has fur and is the closest thing to a cat in this movie.  Erik Lehnsherr /Magneto has changed his life to working in a factory in Germany and raising a family.   Raven/Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence has become a hero and iher character is a hero in this movie which Mom and I liked.  When "Apocalypse" arises from the dead things start to change.

I reallly liked how the old characters and the new ended up working together.  The story takes us all over the globe.  I really liked how everyone really came together as a team .

If you enjoy the X-Men series this one will not disappoint!!

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X Men Apocolaypse

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