The Legend of Tarzan

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, 01 July 2016

When Mom and I decided what movies we were going to see last night at The Southside Works we were not enthusiastic about it.  There have been over seven "Tarzan" movies made already.  We thought it would be like "Independence Day- Resurgence", more of the same.  We were wrong.

It seems like every "Tarzan" movie starts with him as a child and then becoming a man.  This one started in the 1880's with him in England as an adult, John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke who is already married to Jane Porter.  He is invited by King Leopold of Belgium's emissary, Leon Rom, played by "Christoph Waltz" to back to "The Congo Free State, his African Homeland.  He agrees to go.

Alexander Skarsgard is brilliant as "Tarzan/John Clayton".  He is tough but smart.  Not the way other Tarzan's have been portrayed.  Margot Robbie plays "Jane Porter Clayton" with a toughness you don't expect. She usually plays beautiful woman who might be upset if they break a nail.  Not in this one.  We also enjoyed Samuel L Jackson as "George Washington Williams".  He had hair in this movie, which is unusual. 

The story had some twists not shown in the other "Tarzan" movies.  The ending was surprizing and pretty cool. 

If you want to see a movie that is really good and takes you to another time and place "The Legend of Tarzan", in our opinion will not disappoint you.


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The Legend of Tarzan

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