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R Rated Movies Are not Horrible!!

If there is one thing and Mom and I dont agree on it's me seeing R Rated Movies.  I am 18 months old in human years which means I am over 18 years old in cat years.  That makes me an adult.  At  18 years old I could vote, but Ihavent registered yet.  I could legally drive  (Im too short and cant reach the car pedals).  I could even go on the big rides at Kennywood Park (Actually I am too short to go on them too).  

"No Escape" is opening this week. It's Rated R but it's about a Military Coup not anything scary.  I hear it has some scary parts but I can cover my eyes. That's what I usually do.

It's geared for adults.  We usually focus on family movies but I still think it's important.  We didn't see "Straight Outta Compton", which I wanted to see.  I am partially black and I think its important to find out about my roots.

If you could add a comment encouraging Mom to take me to the movie that would help.   I have seen R Rated movies like "American Ultra".  I watched  "The Kingsmen" on pay per view.   I can't wait for Mom to get that bill..

Thank you for your support, Bella."



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  • Bella Cat

    Bella Cat

    25 August 2015 at 10:14 | #

    This is Bella's brother Luke. I think Bella should go. Besides she brings me back uneaten candy from the movie theater.


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