Girl On A Train

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, United States, 07 October 2016

Mom and I went to see this movie without alot of expectations.   It reminded Mom of "Gone Girl", which she didn't like.    We were not sure of this movie but we were pleasantly surprised.  Emily Blunt stars as "Rachel Watson", a divorced woman with a drinking problem.  She is obessed with her ex husband,Tom, played by Justin Theroux, and his new wife "Anna"played by "Rebecca Ferguson".   She also from the train noticed a young woman, "Megan" played by Haley Bennett  and her husband "Scott"played by Luke Evans.

When Megan goes missing Rachel becomes more involved in the case than she should be The story has a number of twists and turns to it.  The ending is surprising.   One thing that I noticed that if with all of these beautiful houses there were no pets anywhere.  Other than that the story was good.  

 The performances were also great in this movie.  Emily Blunt should be nominated for an Oscar for her performance.  It was great.  Justin Theroux did a great as Tom.  This is a movie you shouldn't miss.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 112 Minutes
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Girl On A Train

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