A Dogs Purpose

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, United States, 27 January 2017

"A Dogs Purpose" is one of the movies Mom and I were excited to see.   It's nice when we are not disappointed.   The movie has a unique story that takes us through the lives of four dogs that have one soul.  The voice of the soul was voiced by Josh Gad.   He actually studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  We live pretty close to it.    The first dog we meet is "Bailey".  He was a Golden Retriever who didn't like cats very much.    "Bailey" was our main character "Ethan's" best friend from his puppyhood until Ethan becomes a young man.   The story how "Bailey" really shows how dogs tend to bond with humans.  "Ethan "appears in the beginning and at the end.    Dennis Quaid plays the grown up Ethan.  Mom thought it would be cool if his son, Jack Quaid, played the younger "Ethan.  The actor  K.J. Kapa did a nice job playing younger "Ethan".    

Ethans first love was "Hannah".  The teenage version of "Hannah" was played by Britt Robertson.  The adult "Hannah" was played by Peggy Lipton.   Everyone did a great job with their roles.    The dog's soul moved from "Bailey" to "Ellie", a female German Shepherd who was a police dog.  From this hectic life the transformation was that as a Welsh Corgi, "Tino" who helped her owner, Maya achieve balance in her life.  And finally the last transformation was in the form of "Buddy".  A St Bernard who had a rough beginning and then found his way.    The movie had some wonderful moments and made you laugh and cry.  

The ending was great.   Director Lasse Hallstrom is a great story teller.  
If you enjoy movies that show that hope can change everything you should see "A Dogs Purpose".  

 Please do not pay attention to the charges PETA has put out about the movie.  From what we have researched the accusations are not true.  This movie is too good to pass up.

 Go see it and see for yourself!

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 120 Minutes
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 A Dogs Purpose

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