Animal Rights

How Come Animals Are Not Stars

I was watching The Wizard of Oz. I personally think "Toto" should be a cat.  But I guess casting would not work.

The one thing I noticed was that Toto got a credit in the movie.  "Toto"s real name is Terry.   Why didn't Katniss Everdeen's cat in the movie have a credit?  And while we are at it, I could understand the cat was not looking great when she was struggling.  But when the family moved to the Victor's Village, you think she could bought a brush or comb.  The Hunger games series is really great, my species wants to be represented.

The one thing about today's movies is that most of the animals don't even get a credit.   It's not easy to be animal in a movie.  We should command some respect.

Being a four footed feline I think we deserve the credit for the work and on the screen!

 Bella signing off!







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