Not Enough Good Cat Actors OUt There

Maybe I Should Hire An Agent

I found out today from Mom that there are some very famous people making a movie here in my hometown of Pittsburgh.  Ewan MacGregor, who is a great actor, is directing a movie with Jennifer Connelly .  The more I thought of it the more I thought I might have Mom call the extras hotline to see if they needed any cats.

She informed me that most animals are trained and it would be hard to break into the business.  Not that it would discourage me.  Then I realized that most movie cats have two eyes, not one like me and I am better off doing what I do on my website to promote movies and hopefully show that cats with disabilities are worth having around.

One of hte projects Mom and I want to get started bu the end of this year is to get a foundation created that can aid shelters that are failing.  If a shelter fails in a community that means there is less space to place cats, dogs and bunnies for adoption.  The more shelters and rescue organizations a community can have, the better.   

Stay Tuned for More Infromation

Bella Out!


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