Bella Has A Dream

Confessions Of A Former Shelter Cat

As you know my start in life wasn't that great.  I was born on the streets of Pittsburgh.  I hurt my eye and ended up disabled and homeless.   If it wasnt for the kind folks of the   "Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh" I might have died or still be out on thes streets.

As long are there are Animal Shelters around there is hope.  But there are way many more animals out there than there is room at the shelters in most cities.  Many animals , if not adopted in time, have to be killed.  I sometimes think if Mom hadn't adopted me that could have been me.  But now that I hae a good home, wait Mom made me say a "Great Home!"  I would like to help others.

Mom and I have a dream of starting a foundation dedicated to helping Animal Shelters in crisis.  The foundation would raise money to give these shelters a helping hand plus provide education and  business mentors via a program called   "S.C.O.R.E:" so they can have guidance on how to run their shelters so they can stay afloat.

When one shelter goes under so many animals end up homeless.  Being a former homeless cat I would like to keep as many shelters open for business as possible.   If you want more information email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..    I believe if we all pull together we can  help change the world., one shelter at time!!


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