Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2

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, United States, 05 May 2017

"The Guardians of The Galaxy" is a one of my favorite group of characters of the Marvel Movies. They are a bunch of misfits who protect the world. Being a cat who loves movies I can relate to them.

The first in the series showed how all of the lead characters , "Peter Quill", "Gamora", "Drax", my favorites "Rocket" and "Groot" became a team. In the second installment the Guardians start out on an assignment and everything went crazy from there.

In this installment, some of the smaller characters are featured in the cast. "Yondu" , who originally brought a young "Peter Quill" into the future is more of a focus in this installment as is "Nebula", "Gamora's" sister.

The movie starts with The Guardians on assignment. The story gets more involved as they are attacked by alien forces and end up on a different world. The movie show's why Peter didn't know his Father. The movie also showed "Yondu's" past which involved Peter too.

Chris Pratt continues to do a great job playing "Peter Quill". Zoe Saldana made a her green character "Gamora" look pretty. She did the same thing making her character "Neyteri" who was primarily blue in the movie "Avatar".  Dave Bausista seemed more human in this movie as "Drax.  My favorites "Rocket" voiced by Bradley Cooper and "Groot" now "Baby Groot" voiced by Vin Diesel were fun.   I really don't think "Baby Groot" was voiced by Vin Diesel but I guess he is getting paid for it anyway.  Must be nice.

Also joining the cast were Sylvester Stallone who played "Stakar Ogord" and Kurt Russell who played "Ego".  Everyone did a great job. If you liked the first "Guardians of The Galaxy" Volume One you will really enjoy "Guardians of The Galaxy " Volume Two.


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Guardians Of The Galaxy  Volume 2

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