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, United States, 20 October 2017


The end of the world. This comes up quite alot in the movies. This is the basis of "Geostorm". The world was subject to bad eratic weather. In order to combat these issues a Space Station was created in space.

The space stations'main purpose was to put out satellites to combat these weather problems. The station was named "The Dutchman" was created by scientist, "Jake Lawson" played by Gerard Butler.

When "The Dutchman" was causing problems Jake was brought back in. Jim Sturgess plays "Jake's brother "Max Lawson" plays the head of the Space Station. Max's girlfriend, Sarah, who also is part of The Presidents Secret Service Team, gets involved too.

The movie keeps us on the edge from watching the station go through problems to the crazy car chase between people on the ground who wanted to fix "The Dutchman" and those that wanted to create a "Geostorm", which would mean wild weather would destroy much of the planet The forces of good and evil combated throughout the movie.

The movie featured some great action scenes and great special effects. The ending was surprizing and made your cheer. If you want a night of fun cinemas, "Geostorm" will not disappoint.

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