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"Molly's Game" is an interesting movie because it is based on true events. The heroine of our movie is "Molly Bloom", played by Jessica Chastain. Molly is a former Olympic skier. After fast tracking through school she decided to run a high stakes poker game before she started law school.

Molly's first game took place at "The Viper Room" in LA. When she saw how someone was taking the game away from her she moved it to the Ritz Carlton Hotel and brought up the status of her players. Some of them were movie stars but there were some regular players too.

There are many ups and downs to the game and to Molly. Michael Cera plays top player "Player X". There were other high profile players but the game fell apart and ended moving it to New York City where ended up having Russian Mafia joining the game. Her life had some great ups and downs.

The ending was very interesting and had some great turns. Also in the cast are Kevin Costner who plays Molly's Dad "Larry". Idris Alba plays Molly's attorney, "Charlie Jaffey".

The movie was so elegant with nice hotel rooms and apartments. I really liked how everything looked.

The ending of the movie is surprising. I didn't know anything about Molly Bloom, I was curious to see if the real Molly Bloom had pets. The only search I came up with was a cat named "Molly Bloom."

I would recommend you seeing Molly's Game. You won't be disappointed.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 140 Minutes
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Molly's Game

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