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, United States, 12 January 2018

"The Post" is one of those movies that is based on facts. Sometimes these movies can be boring but "The Post" was not.

I was directed by Steven Spielberg is without a doubt is one of the best directors of our time. He has directed everything from movies about Sharks to movies about Abraham Lincoln. and the holocaust. "The Post" featured the both of them.

Sometimes his movies can be a bit long. I tried to watch "Lincoln" with Mom buit I kept falling asleep. "The Post" was different.

The movie centered on relationship between Washington Post publisher, Katherine Graham, played by "Meryl Streep' and Editor "Ben Bradlee" played by Tom Hanks. The incident that the movie focused on was the publishing of "The Pentagon Papers."

This document showed how starting with President Harry S. Truman the United States was involved with The Vietnam War even though it could not be won and over 58.000 American soldiers lost their lives.

The publishing of "The Pentagon Papers" put Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee in danger of being jailed for the freedom of the press. This event lead to the break in of the National Democratic Headquarters at "The Watergate Hotel" and he impeachment of "President Richard Nixon".

It was amazing to Mom and I even though that the Pentagon Papers were published in 1971 how fresh the story "The Post" was. The movie captured the tension of what The Washington Post had to do to publish "The Pentagon Papers". The movie focused on how strong Katherine Graham had to be running "The Washington Post" in a time when woman were not taking on these roles.

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks did great jobs playing "Katherine Graham" and "Ben Bradlee". Matthew Rhys, who Mom and I liked in the movie "Burnt" played Daniel Ellsberg. Sarah Paulson played "Tony Bradlee" and Bruce Greenwood played "Robert McNamara". Michael Stuhlberg played New York Times Executive Editor, "Abe Rosenthal" Much of the rest of the cast were unknowns.

The movie focused on "The Pentagon Papers" and how it affected freedom of speech in the United States.

If you want to see a movie truly worthy of an Academy Award nomination go see "The Post".

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 115 Minutes
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The Post

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