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"12 Strong" is a movie that showed how a group of "Green Beret/Special Forces" soldiers who went on a special mission to "Afghanistan" after 911.    The story showed how this strong group of men combined forces with local forces to take on the "Taliban". 

 The is group of soldiers included a tough squad including "Captain Mitch Nelson" Played by Chris Hemsworth.    Also in his squad is "Hal Spencer" played by Michael Shannon.   Michael Pena plays "Sam Diller".   In fact every character in this movie is a real person.  That's pretty cool 

The movie shows the squad against impossible odds taking on the evil forces in Afghanistan responsible for the devastation in New York, Chicago, and close home here in Shanksville, PA on 911.   

 The story shows how this team took on the huge forces to defeat the evil forces.  The movie shows alot of action and bombing.   I don't mind violence but Mom doesn't like it very much. 

 What I did like is that squad went out on horses instead of jeeps to defeat the bad guys.  Some of them didn't make it but it was cool. 

 The movie really showed how the impossible can really happen because in the end the squad defeated the enemy forces and all of them made it home alive. 

In this world of negativity it's nice to find a positive message.   I think President Trump should see the movie and take some lessons. 

 Because the movie featured massive violence it is Rated R.

  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 130 Minutes
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12 STrong

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