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Mom and I were not sure what "Game Night" would be like particulary after we saw "Annihilation" but we were pleasantly surprised.   The movie centers around a couple, "Max" played by Jason Bateman and "Annie" played Rachel McAdams. 

They love to play games and have created "Game Night" at their house with two other couples, "Kevin" played by Lamore Morris and wife "Michelle" played by Kylie Bunbury.  The other person is "Ryan" played by Billy Magnussen who brings a string of women to Game Night including "Sarah" played by Sharon Morgan.   Another member of the group that was no longer invited after he divorced his wife is Annie's and Max's creepy neighbor "Gary" who is a cop.  When Max's older brother, "Brooks" played by Kyle Chandler joins the group that's when all the trouble starts. 

Kyle invites everyone to his home for a "Game Night" and then some bad stuff starts happening.  Some real thugs abduct Kyle and leave clues for the others to follow.  The story goes a bunch of different ways.  Everyone is being chased by people.   

There are lots of different story lines. The teams of couples pursue different clues and then come together.   

The ending is surprising and good. It seems that Jason Bateman plays the same characters again and again but he's funny and it works.  We really liked Rachel McAdams.  She always does a great job and she did not drop the ball in this movie.   

If you want to go to a movie where the story is easy to follow and the performances are great go to "Game Night".  


  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
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Game Night

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