Bella 101

Heres my Story Part 2

If you look at me, I am kind of a mess

Listen, I know I am cute but I only have one eye,

My tail is short and stubby plus my colors don’t match. Im a black and white cat, but not a true tuxedo cat.

But sometimes being different is a great thing.

I feel lucky I found a home but there are many cats, who are disabled, who aren’t as lucky yet.   If there is one thing I hope to show you humans, it’s to give dogs and cats with disabilities a chance. It’s not our fault that one of our legs might be gone, or that we don’t have two eyes. Sometimes we are deaf or totally blind. It doesn’t make us bad pets to take home. I think it makes us special pets.

My Mom and I talked and we want to start a foundation to help all abandoned pets of the world find homes. The best way is to do this is raise money for shelters, especially those in need, because that’s the best way to help these animals find homes, like I did.

We feel that Bella Goes To The Movies is not just about the movies, It’s about saving lives!!

Stay Tuned!!

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