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"The Red Sparrow" is a movie about esponiage and spying.  Jennifer Lawrence stars as "Dominika Egorova" a former ballerina who is goes to work for the government so she can keep her apartment and her Mother can be taken care of.   

The movie is very gritty.  Parts of it were disturbing.  There was alot of nudity, which made Mom uncomfortable because I am technically a minor.  I made it through.  "Dominka" is very tough and ends up in some bad places.     Joel Edgerton plays "Nate Nash".  An American who is undercover in Russia.  He gets involved with Dominka and everything starts to fall apart.   

The cast is really good. Joining Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton is "Ciaran Hinds" who plays Soviet official "Zakharov" and Jeremy Irons who plays another Soviet Official "General Korchnoi".  Charlotte Rampling plays the tough "Matron".   Mary-Louise Parker plays "Stephanie Boucher" an American in Hungary.

The movie was very cold.  I made Russia look very harsh.  I can't say it's on my top places to visit.  In fact the World Cup Soccer Championships will be in Russia.  One of the things the country is doing is rounding up all of their stray cats and dogs and killing them.  I mean let's face it I would be Dead On Arrival if I was there.  Glad I am not.

The moving was well done but it is a chilly movie.  Not one you feel good about when you leave.  You feel bad for "Dominika" and the life she had to take on.   

It's a good movie.  If you like Jennifer Lawrence you will not be disappointed.


  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 139 Minutes

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Red Sparrow

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