Spinning Man

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Sometimes when you get a great cast of actors together you get a great movie.  Other times , not so much.   In the case of "The Spinning Man."   It wasn't so great.   

The movie centers around college professor, "Evan Birch" played by brilliant actor, Guy Pearce.  He lives with his wife, "Ellen" played by Minnie Driver and has two kids.  When a teenage girl goes missing he became a prime suspect.   

Pierce Brosnan plays  "Detective Malloy".   Clark Gregg plays Evan's attorney and friend, "Paul" and  Odeya Rush, who was last seen in "Lady Bird" plays the missing girl, "Joyce".     Alexandra Shipp, who appeared in the most recent "X Men movies" plays "Anna".  Another student who likes Evan.

"Evan Birch" is pretty much a big when it comes to young girls.   He has no preferences on who he goes after.  That's pretty much what the movie is about. 

There are many turns and ups and downs but in the end the movie is boring.  Even the ending was a big disappointment.     

Pierce Brosnan,  Guy Pearce, Minnie Driver and Clark Gregg gave great performances but they didn't have much to work with.     

The movie had a small budget to work with.  I would ask for the money back.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
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Spinning Man

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