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Mom told me that the race to space and to be the first to land on the moon was very important in the 1960's.  There have been some great movies that told the story that include "Hidden Figures" and "The Right Stuff".   "First Man" is not one of them.   

"First Man" was not that good.  It's the story of Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon.   The movie looked so good on paper with Ryan Gosling playing "Neil Armstrong", Jason Clarke playing "Ed White, Kyle Chandler playing "Deke Slaton", and Pablo Shreiber playing "Jim Lovell".   

 The movie had such promise but is was slow and plodding.  It seem like it took forever for Neil to go to the moon.   

There were some tragedies including Apollo 1 fire which killed Astronauts Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee.   This tragedy lead to Neil Armstrong taking Apollo 2 to the moon. 

The cast also included Claire Foy as "Janet Armstrong".   The movie had all of the right stuff but the story was slow.  The soundtrack was so lame it gave me a headache and I'm a cat.   

If you want to see a movie about the race to space check out "Hidden Figures", "The Right Stuff" and "Apollo 13" are movies worth checking out.   


Avoid "First Man"  Save Your Money

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First Man

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