Mary Poppins Returns

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"Mary Poppins" is  character based on the novels of "PL Travers".   The movie "Saving Mr.Banks" shows the story between "Walt Disney" and "PL Travers".  It's a good one. 

The one thing that "Mary Poppins" was is a very feisty character.  Julie Andrew's performance gave her the boost her career needed.   It was her breakout role and it seemed that no one else could touch it. 

The original "Mary Poppins" came out in 1964.   54 years  later "Mary Poppins Returns " hit the screen with Emily Blunt taking the role of "Mary Poppins".  She truly made it her own.   Director Rob Marshall choreographed all of the musical numbers.  They were truly inventive.   

The cast features Lin Manuel-Miranda as "Jack" who lights the lanterns of London.  Michael Banks , who was one of Mary's charges, has grown up and has three kids of his own, "Georgie" played by Joel Dawson, "Anabel"played by "Pixie Davis", and "John" played by Nathanael Saleh.  Unfortunately his wife died.  His sister "Joan" played  Emily Mortimer is part of story.  Housekeeper, "Ellen" played by Julie Walters also was hoot.  

The Bank's household was turned upside down when the creditors to the door pursuing ownership of the house.  With the kids in a frenzy and household out of whack enters "Mary Poppins". 

The kids found a lost kite and pulled her in. The one thing that the film features is music from the start to finish.  Jack starts singing about London and the musical numbers kept coming.   

Rob Marshall truly came up with some very innovative musical numbers.  With movies such as "Chicago", and "Into The Woods" to his credit Rob Marshall knows his way around musical.   

The musical numbers were fun to look watch but I honestly do not love musicals but it was nice to watch. 

Some of the great performances in the movie included Dick Van Dyke reprises his role of "Mr. Dawes Jr".  Angela Lansbury played "The Balloon Lady". My favorite was Meryl Streeps portrayal of "Topsy".  Mary Poppins' strange cousin.  You couldn't even tell it was her.   

The movie may not be my bowl of milk but "Mary Poppins Returns" is entertaining.

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Mary Poppins Returns

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