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"Aquaman" is part of the DC Comic Universe.  As a rule DC Comics are not as cool as "Marvel Comics". Mom and I have found the "Superman" movies good because of Henry Cavill.  "Wonder Woman" was great because of Gai Gadot.  Personally Ben Affleck as "Batman" not so great.   

"Aquaman" starring Jason Momoa was amazing.  The star of the movie was "Arthur Curry" played by Jason Momoa.  The product of a relationship of  "Alanna - Queen of Atlantis" played by Nicole Kidman and "Tom Curry" played byTemuera Morrison. 

 "Arthur" is the protector of the seas.  He helps people and is a bit of a bad ass at the same time.  He was trained by "Vulko" played by Willem Dafoe to work on his powers.   He pretty much kept to himself until  "Princess Mera" looked for him when she saw that Atlantis under the reign of his half brother, "King Orm" played by Patrick Wilson was not going very well.

I think one of the reasons was that lets face it , "Arthur" aka Jason Momoa is a cute. When he came to "Atlantis" it was not easy.  Lots of ups and downs but the biggest down was "King Orm's" quest to destroy the surface world because they polluted the oceans, etc..

The movie showed how "Arthur" took one the world and changed it.  It was pretty awesome.    T

The cast of "Aquaman" was great. Dolph Lundgren plays "King Nereus" "Princess Mera's"  Dad.  The visual effects were fun too.   

"Aquaman" is definitely a wonderful movie to see.  



  • Runtime: 143 Minutes
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