A Dogs Way Home

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Last January, "A Dogs Purpose" came out.  Mom and I really loved it. The movie made over 200 Million as a world total. 

"A Dogs Way Home" is a totally different movie and not a sequel.   There is a new movie that coming out called "A Dogs Journey" which is coming out later this year. It looks good. 

Unfortunately "A Dogs Way Home" was not that great.  The one thing Mom and I really liked about the movie was the fact the star of the movie was named "Bella".  The movie showed how was raised by a cat, when her Mother was taken away but other than it was fair. 

Bryce Dallas Howard who is a good actress was the voice of "Bella" was fair.  My problem was that the voice didnt change when "Bella" grew up from puppyhood until adulthood.  Ashley Judd was great playing "Terri".  She was a disabled Veteran who lived with her son, "Lucas" played by John Hauer-King.   

The local animal enforcement office was after "Bella" because they believed her to be part pitbull.  Because Lucas and Terri lived in the Denver city limits they couldn't keep "Bella". 

"Bella" escaped and went a journey which took in her into the wilds of Denver.  When his Mother was killed "Bella" adopted "Big Kitten" until "Big Kitten"got too big and they parted ways.   

Along the way "Bella" befriended different people with the end goal of ending up with "Lucas'.   

It is a nice movie but nothing special.  I would wait for "A Dogs Journey" later this year.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 96 Minutes
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A Dogs Way Home

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