The Upside

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"The Upside" is a remake of a movie called "The Intouchables".  It starred Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet as "Driss" and "Phillippe".    In remake Bryan Cranston plays "Phillip" a Billionaire who was paralyzed in an accident.  Kevin Hart plays "Dell" who works his way into interview and the job with none of hte skills needed.   Nicole Kidman plays his assistant "Yvvonne" who is totally against "Dell" being hired.   

The movie progressed from a rocky relationship between "Dell" and "Phillip" into a true friendship.  "Dell" worked on his relationship with his son and 
"Phillip" worked on dealing with his disability.   

The movie had some funny moments  and some sad moments.  Through it all "Dell" grew into a his responsibilities and "Phillip" learned that life doesn't have to be so bad.   

The movie had some great moments.  Personally I would love to live in Philip's apartment but don't tell Mom.  She would be hurt if I knew.  

"The Upside" had great heart and the ending was wonderful.  Even if you are not a "Kevin Hart" fan, which Mom and I aren't he did a great job in the part. Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman were great too. 

 If you want to see a great movie "The Upside" is a great choice.

  • Runtime: 126 Minutes
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The Upside

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