The Kid That Would Be King

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"The Kid That Would Be King" is another version of the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur with a modern twist.  I wouldn't be excited it accept it is the first starring role for Louis Ashbourne Serkis who played "Alex".  His father is one of Mom's and I favorite actors, Andy Serkis.  I personally feel "Mowgli" totally deserved a best animated feature Oscar nomination.    

"The Kid That Would Be King" featured "Alex" a misfit.  He lived with his Mother and was kind of bullied kid at school.   When being chased by two bullys at the school "Lance" played by Tom Taylor and "Kaye" played by Rhianna Dorris  "Alex" stumbled upon Excalibur.   One he pulled the sword, a younger version of "Merlin" played by Angus Imerie.  Patrick Stewart played the older version of "Merlin" which was cool.   

The movie was imaginative.  The cast was for the most part unknown and British which was cool.  Except for some veteran actors like Rebecca Ferguson played "Morgana" and as before mentioned Patrick Stewart, the cast was pretty unknown. 

Director Joe Cornish who previously wrote "Tin Tin" and "Ant Man" did a nice job.  It was a very nice movie.    

If you are looking for a nice family movie, "The Kid That Would Be King" is a nice choice.


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The Kid That Would Be King

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