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Some movies are good.  Some movies make no sense.  "Miss Bala" was one of those movies.  The movie started with "Gloria" played by Gina Rodriguez.  She was visiting her friend "Suzu"played by Christina Rodlo.  One minute they are in a club enjoying the Mexican Nightlife.   The next minute some gang members start shooting everyone down.

This is what happened with "Gloria".  She tried to find her friend "Suzu" who disappeared at the night club. When she went to the police to report her encounter with the gang leader, "Lino Esparanza" played by Ismael Cruz Cordova as he and his crew entered the nightclub through the women's room bathroom and cornered her.  The police officer dropped her off to the "Lino" and he forced her to break the law and the movie began. 

This movie was filled with action but not to much of a story.  Eventually to get her friend out of the clutches of "Chief Saucedo" she entered the "Miss Bala" contest . If she would win she would go to Chief Saucedo's private party. 

There were lots of subplots but the movie was boring.  After a while it got boring to watch "Gloria" get into more trouble. What's scary is that this movie is a remake of another movie so it was made twice. 

The cast wasn't horrible and in fact, Anthony Mackie more known for his work with "The Avengers"and "Real Steel" ended up as a CIA agent in the movie who was under cover.

I would save your money and go see "Green Book", "The Upside" or even "Bohemian Rhapsody" if you haven't seen it already.


  • Genre: Action
  • Runtime: 104 Minutes
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Miss Bala

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