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First there was "I Feel Pretty" with Amy Shumer playing an overweight person who think's she looks like a Super Model.  It was one of the worst movies of last year.  Personally I do not find Amy Shumer funny and don't understand how she has achieved everything she has.   

Rebel Wilson is an actress who can be funny.  In "Isn't It Romantic" after Rebel Wilson's character "Natalie" is mugged and ends up in the hospital she wakes up with everybody adoring her. There are limousines waiting for her.  Her apartment transformed from being a room, tiny flat into a mega apartment with huge walk in closet and more.   

People who previously ignored her started adoring her.  "Blake" a prospective client from "Josh" played by Adam Devine also started having feelings for her.  Her assistant becomes her enemy at work.  It got crazy.   People broke out into musical number too.   

The movie was a bit tiresome. I don't know why filmmakers don't realize that a cute idea gets boring pretty fast if you don't have a plot.   I would wait until this comes out on DVD.

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 Isn't It Romantic

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