How To Train Your Dragon- The Hidden World

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The one thing I like about the "How Train Your Dragon" is it's lead character "Hiccup"voiced by Jay Baruchel.  He is a regular kid who in the first movie changed his home of "Berk" from being a place where dragons were hunted to a place they were protected.  His biggest problem was his father"Stoick" voiced by Gerard Butler.  He had a bunch of friends including "Astrid" voice by America Ferrera who became more than a friend and other friendsthat included "Ruffnut" voiced by Kristen Wigg who is annoying and her  brother "Tuffnut" voiced by Justin Rupple.  The most dreaded dragon was a "Night Fury".  When Hiccup shoots one down they become friends and Hiccup named him "Toothless.   

In the second movie Toothless and Hiccup discover a lost cave with a Dragon Master who turned out to be his Mother, "Valka" who left Berk when she failed at convincing everyone that dragons were not terrifying. 

 "How To Train Your Dragon- The Hidden World" is the third installment.  Hiccup is older and the leader of Berk. He is still with "Astrid".  In this movie Berk has become a dragon's paradise.    Hiccup and his crew spent time freeing Dragons that were captured by "Grimmel"voiced by F.Murray Abraham.  While on a rescue mission "Toothless" discovers a "Light Fury". His soulmate.       

When "Grimmel" destroy's Hiccup's home he decided that the only safe place for the dragon's was "The Hidden World".   The movie had many twists and turns that were unexpected but the story was really good. 

What I loved was that characters were growing up, Especially Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless.  The ending was wonderful and a great ending to the series.  Sometimes big movies like"Incredibles 1 and 2" seem to be the big money makers but believe it or not the entire "How To Train Your Dragon" series to date has made 1.5 billion dollars.   How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World debuted with 55.5 Million dollars which is a series best.

If you want to see a wonderful movie check out "How To Train Your Dragon  The Hidden World".  It's wonderful!

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How To Train Your Dragon-  The Hidden World

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