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In 2013 Matthew McConaughey won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance playing Aids patient, "Ron Woodruff" in the movie "Dallas Buyers Club".  He actually lost 47 pounds to play the part.  The movie had other winning performances but I have to admit it's hard to watch.    From this great performance oh have the mighty have fallen. 

In recent years Mr. McConaughey's movies haven't been epic.  I mean "Interstellar" was Ok.  I unfortunately have issues with Christopher Nolan movies at times.  "Serenity" which he co-starred with his "Interstellar" co-star Anne Hathaway is weird one.  But "The Beach Bum" was just plain awful. 

 Matthew McConaughey plays "Moondog".  A burned out beach bum who married "Minnie" played by Isla Fisher who happens to be rich.  Their daughter is getting married was the purpose of the movie if there a reason for the movie being made.  Rap Superstar Snoop Dog plays "Lingerie". 

 There are other cameos including Jimmy Buffett who play's himself in the parts of the movie that were featured in Key West, which is one of his favorite haunts.  

This is one of the most underwhelming movies I have seen this year.  The one cute thing about is that "Moondog" has a pet white cat but even that four footed actor could not save this movie.     

If you are looking for a comedy to enjoy there is really anything out there right now.  "Little" opening soon looks promising with Regina Hall looks cute.   Mom and I also really liked "Dumbo".  Review to follow.   

But save your money and avoid The Beach Bum

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: 95 Minutes
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The Beach Bum

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