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"Dumbo" is a movie based on a classic childrens story.  What made the movie unique is that master story teller Tim Burton was at the helm.   From the beginning Mom and I have been looking forward to it. 

The movie takes place in the 1919, the year my late human Grandfather, Alter Friedman was born.  "Holt Farrier" played by Colin Farrell returns from the war, minus an arm.  He was star performer at the Medici Circus run by "Max Medici" played by Danny Devito.  His wife passed away while he was alway leaving his two kids who are brilliant, "Milly Farrier" played by Nico Parker and  "Joe Farrier" played by Finley Hobbins. 

When "Dumbo" os born all of their lives change.  It is Milly and Joe who are Dumbo's friends.  It was Milly and Joe who convince Dumbo to fly.   

The has many ups and downs.  The relationship with Dumbo and his Mom changes a few times.   Things really got crazy when  "V.A. Vandevere" played by Michael Keaton and his star "Collette Marchant" played by Eva Green enter the scene.

The circus changes from "Medici" to  Vandevere's "Dreamland".  There are some crazy ups and downs but the movie itself is wonderful. 

 It seems like as he gets older Tim Burton is getting more mellow.  The Medici circus is a far cry from the fun house featured in "Ed Wood".   It's all good. 

In the end "Dumbo" is alot of fun.  It may be too intense for small children but it is a great family film.

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