The Best of Enemies

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Sometimes movies based on true stories aren't great but "The Best of Enemies" is a movie that brought a great story to live.  In 1971 in Durham, North Carolina integration of the schools was a hot topic.   

When a black elementary school burned down the only choice to make sure all students would get a decent education was to go for integration.  What the leaders of the town did organize a "Charette" which means an intense period of design or planning activity.  The end result was a plan to change the way blacks and whites treated each other as well as the possible integration of the schools.

The two people assigned to oversea the project was "Ann Atwater" played Taraji P. Henson.  Usually Ms.Henson plays semi glamarous parts like "Katherine Johnson" in Hidden Figures and "Ali Davis" in What Men Want.   As Ann Atwater she was plain and morphed into a big lady.   
Sam Rockwell plays "C.P. Ellis", who is the President of the local KuKluxKlan chapter.     

The pair have a rocky start and then forged a friendship that took the town by surprize. Both characters have some soft sides too.   Ann seemed to be everyone's Mother. When she saw C.P's son who was mentally challenged was moved into a double room at the rest home he lived in.  Ann, knowing staff at the home ended up having him moved into a single room when the Ellis's could not afford it.

The movie shows how they changed during the Charette and how that changed the town.   Taraji P. Henson was brilliant as "Ann Atwater.".  Sam Rockwell did a great job playing "CP Ellis."  If this movie is forgotten at Oscar time I will be mad.   

Anne Heche was wonderful as "Mary Ellis", CP's strong wife who became friend with Ann too.  The movie.  Wes Bentley, was good playing the sleazy "Floyd Kelly". A clan member who liked to force their views on innocent people.

"The Best of Enemies" is a wonderful movie .  Check it out!!



  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 133 Minutes
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The Best of Enemies

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