Pet Sematary

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"Pet Sematary" is one of Steven King's most scariest stories.   Mom was hesitant to let me watch the first one.  It was scary.   Especially for a cat since the movie does deal with dead pets being buried.  Yuck!

The 1989 Pet Sematary made $58 Million dollars which is good.  They made a sequel too.   The new "Pet Sematary" has made $42 Million dollars so far and the reviews have been cool. The ending is different than the first one and Steven King approved of it.  

Jason Clarke, who has played everyone from "Ted Kennedy" in "Chappaquiddick" and "Rob Hall" in "Everest" was great as "Dr. Lewis Creed".  Amy Seimetz plays  "Rachel Creed". Jete Laurence did a great job playing "Ellie Creed".  Hugo Lavoie played "Cage Creed".   They were convincing family from Boston to Ludlow, Mass for quieter life.

The story is different than the book and the first movie.   Just like the first movie The Creeds neighbor was "Jud Crandall".  This part was originated by Fred Gwynne, who you human's might know as "Herman Munster" on the TV series, "The Munsters".   Mom really liked it that TV series.  John Lithgow did a good job playing "Jud" in the new movie.

The movie was pretty terrifying.  I personally thought "Church" was scary.  It actually took eight cats to play "Church".  They did a great job and course got no credit at the end of the movie.   

If you want to see a great scary movie, check out "Pet Sematary".


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Pet Sematary

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