Avengers: End Game

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"Avengers- End Game" is a very fitting ending to the saga.   Mom and I have really liked the series.   Some of the movies like "The Age of Ultron" were fair but  "Avengers- End Game" is a very fitting ending for the movie.   

The movie starts where "Avengers Infinity War" ends.   The world is still in a state of discourse.  Many of the Avengers had died in the first attack by Thanos.  The remainder of the Avengers ensemble including "Captain America" played by Chris Evans, "The Hulk" played by Mark Ruffalo, "The Black Widow" played by Scarlett Johannson, "War Machine" played by Don Cheadle, and of course, "Iron Man" played by the one and only Robert Downey Junior. Added to this mix is "Captain Marvel" played by Brie Larson.   

In this one "Ant Man" and "The Wasp" also join the cast played by Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly.  The movie has many surprises.  ."Nebula" played by Karen Gillan and "Rocket" voiced by Bradley Cooper from The Guardians of The Galaxy also join the cast.   

The movie has many ups and downs but it is a good story with some surprizing parts to it.   Unfortunately "Goose" did not join "Captain Marvel" in the movie.   "Rocket" is cute but it's not the same.   

The movie had some cool ups and downs but the ending was great.  Some wonderful surprizes.   

Even if you don't love The Avengers  "Avengers End Game" is not to be missed.


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Avengers:  End Game

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