The Intruder

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"The Intruder" was a movie that was not what Mom and I expected.   The movie centers around "Charlie Peck", played by Dennis Quaid.  His family had a beautiful home called "Fox Glove".  He decided to sell the house to yuppies Scott and Annie Russell who moved from this amazing condo in San Francisco to this rustic house in The Napa Valley.   

The movie shows that once the couple moved to the house all sort of strange happened.   Charlie kept showing up all of the time from mowing their lawn to images of him in the house in the middle of the night.

The movie was really creepy.  As Annie and Scott made the house their home things started happened.   Charlie kept appearing.   And then when their friend "Mike" played by Joseph Sikora had his car vandalized things started getting out of the control.   

The movie was a total creepfest but the ending was really good.  If you like a good thriller, "The Intruder" is worth a view.   Glad their weren't any pets in the movie though they were really mean to a deer. 

If you like scary movies check out "The Intruder".

  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 102 Minutes
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The Intruder

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